Dialogues EN

Dialogues©, game for handling paradoxes and dilemma's in organizations (English version)

Package contents

  • 4 plano gameboards wringle-proof on PVC, (to roll up for easy-carrying)
  • 1 hourglass
  • 1 usb-stick containing:
    • Detection form (WORD)
    • Diagram for introspection (WORD)
    • 23 Dialogue Cards GENERAL (WORD)
    • 4 Duo-Roleplay Cards (WORD)
    • Example script for facilitating a group (WORD)
    • Manual (PDF)

'Dialogues' is a boardgame with a fourfold aim: 
a. to be able to make all kinds of problems subject of discussion at the right level in 
the organisation, taking use of words, attitude, behaviour, leadership behaviour and emotions into account 
b. awareness of paradoxes and dilemmas in leadership in the company, and then how to make choices, including: 
c. recognising and acknowledging management skills 
d. recognising and acknowledging problem analysis and result‐oriented thinking. 

The game can be a part of, or be supportive to, the following: 
a. communication training
b. group and executive coaching 
c. conflict management
d. management training 
e. skills training: listening, analysing, resolving.

This way, the game can very well be used as a team‐building instrument as part of executive coaching, linked with everyday practice.

The application of the game can be flexible: 

  • as fixed part of a set‐up training
  • as aid to a weekly dialogue hour
  • as instrument for brainstorm or team forming during a work conference.

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