Tangible values and (corporate) culture

“As we make progress in personal transformation we begin to recognise the importance of relationships. We are no longer interested in controlling others, but in supporting them in their development.”

Richard Barrett


Do you want to get to know your corporate 'DNA' code? Do you want to get insight into the culture of your organization or team? Do you want to discover the current and desired values to support the cultural transformation? Would you like to diminish the potentially limiting values in your organization? Want to discover what you think is valuable? Then choose the best value analysis on the market.

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Since 2001 we have been working with the Corporate Transformation Tools of Barrett Values Center. We do not know any instrument that gives such an accurate and meaningful picture of an organization's undercurrent.

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What does a value analysis for man and organization do? Phil Clothier, CEO Barrett Values Center, about their work and contribution to a value-driven world and organizations:

It's like having a blue print from your organization or team. From then on you will no longer be guessing and fudging. It gives a special feeling to retain grip and to know what the best way is to reach your growth:

Corporate Values

Get insight and grab the undercurrent. Find out where you lose handsome energy (read ‘money’) and how to fix it.

Team Values

Which team dynamics works best for your team? What should we do in/with this team? What are our priorities? These answers are found in a Team Values Analysis. 

Personal & Leadership Values

A crystal clear mirror to gain insight into your own functioning within the larger whole. This is a wonderful coaching tool. Concrete, clear, tangible!